Release Notes FS Pro for Word Version

Release Notes FS Pro for Word Version

7.0.3 build 43 (October 26th, 2023) Beta build:


What's new in FS Pro for Word 


  • Server Communication Error Handling (FSPRO2020-531): Auto-log out feature added during server communication errors to prevent data inconsistencies.
  • .doc File Compatibility (FSPRO2020-529): Software now prompts users to convert .doc to .docx format for FS Pro for Word add-in compatibility.
  • Indent Button Sequence GUI (FSPRO2020-534): Indent button order aligned with Microsoft Word for consistency.
  • Block Generation Consistency (FSPRO2020-538): Pressing 'Map' now generates three blocks to match the 'Doc' behavior.
  • Onboarding Experience (FSPRO2020-540): New users are greeted with a welcome window and a link to the Get Started guide post-installation.
  • Language-Specific Continuation (FSPRO2020-433): 'Continue page' verbiage auto-updates with ribbon language change.
  • Local Publishing (FSPRO2020-537): Multi-level bullet and number lists in Word maintain their format after local publishing.
  • Style Set Error Fix (FSPRO2020-541): Issues with unlisted style sets causing errors are now addressed by applying a default style set.
  • XML Export Warning (FSPRO2020-549): Publication with a warning now enabled for specific "Length cannot be less than zero" issues.
  • Application Settings (FSPRO2020-551): "Disable autofixing" option added, potentially speeding up document loading.
  • FS Pro Document Speed (FSPRO2020-551): Simplified 'Block' button logic for improved interaction speed.


  • XML Document Error (FSPRO2020-536): Corrected an issue originating from an empty CloudSession.CloudSession.dat file causing errors at position (0,0).
  • Table Issues with Bookmarks (FSPRO2020-530): Fixed a bug that hindered row numbering or deletion in tables in documents with a "Doc" bookmark.
  • Typographical Error Rectification (FSPRO2020-527): Corrected a typo in the error message displayed during FS Pro Cloud connection disruptions.
  • Custom Table Width (FSPRO2020-419): Resolved incorrect width value setting in custom Step/Action tables.
  • Apply_Fontset TableCell Border Bug (FSPRO2020-535): Fixed a NullReferenceException in Apply_Fontset impacting TableCellBorders style application.
  • Dutch Translation Correction (FSPRO2020-539): Amended an error in the Ribbon's Dutch translation.
  • TOC Page Insertion (FSPRO2020-542): The Table of Contents now inserts on the chosen page, rectifying previous restrictions to the first page.
  • Track Changes Bug (FSPRO2020-547): Resolved an issue causing Microsoft Word to freeze when deleting 'Continue Page' with Track Changes active.
  • License Server Offline Mode Issue (FSPRO2020-448): Fixed an error in FS Pro for Word when using Offline Mode with an On-Premise License Server.
  • Label Width Block Inconsistencies (FSPRO2020-544): Addressed inconsistencies when inserting Sections or Maps in specific documents.
  • Target Filter Responsiveness (FSPRO2020-546): Fixed unresponsiveness when clicking on the Target Filter in the Outline Pane.
  • Continuous Page Lines (FSPRO2020-543): Rectified the issue of FS Pro repeatedly adding 'Continued on next page' lines.
  • Table Continuation Styling (FSPRO2020-548): Resolved style inconsistencies in continued tables and added a warning for style and shading shifts during table continuation.
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