Where do I download FS Pro for Word?

Download links

When you have purchased FS Pro for Word or need to re-install the software, you can download the package you need using one of the following links:

Downloads-icon.png FS Pro for Word.exe (recommended for 'regular' users)

Version 7.0.0 - MD5 checksum: 9cc03188a4f48fb63975868fd0dc5f11

Downloads-icon.png FS Pro for Word.msi (recommended for system admins)

Version 7.0.0 - MD5 checksum: 590ef9ca6910317ea92e7623de174304

Important information for system admins

  • Before installing the latest fs pro msi, please manually remove all existing fs pro installations from your computer!

  • When installing the .msi, the following dependencies need to be installed first:

Do you prefer a version without updates?

Administrators can prevent users from being prompted to install updates by using a settings file with FS Pro for Word.

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