Error Occurred in 'Init FSPro'


An error occurred while attempting to open Microsoft Word with the FS Pro Add-in Enabled.

The error message is displayed as shown below:

Error Occurred in 'Init FSPro'
Message: The 'Setting' start tag on line x position x does not match the end tag of 'Setting'. Line x, position x.


There's an issue loading settings from the file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Information Mapping\FS Pro 6\Data\SystemSettings.dat" in FS Pro for Word. A mistake in the file is likely causing this problem.


To resolve this issue, follow these steps

Step Action
1  Close Microsoft Word
2 Open the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Information Mapping\FS Pro 6\Data\SystemSettings.dat in a text editor with administrator privileges.

Search for errors.


Tips to search for errors:

  1. Check if every <TagName> is also closed like this </TagName>
  2. Check that the file is opened with <Settings> and that the settings themselves have the <Setting> without the s tag.
  3. Check for spelling mistakes

In this example case, the error mentioned line 6, where the error occurs, and also line 8, where the file is trying to close but has a missing closing tag.


4 Save the customized file
5 Open Microsoft Word again and try again
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