Release Notes FS Pro for Word Version

Release Notes FS Pro for Word Version

7.0.4 (March 7th, 2023) Beta build:


What's new in FS Pro for Word 7.0.4? 


  • Outline Highlight Control (FSPRO2020-551): An option has been added to disable the outline highlight under a new "Fast-Track Features" submenu for improved navigation and user experience.
  • Custom Network Error Handling (FSPRO2020-531): Introduced a new setting, "DisableLogoutOnErrors", allowing users to opt-out of auto-logout during network issues for uninterrupted work sessions.
  • Publishing Format Customization (FSPRO2020-554): Added a new option in system settings, "AddSlashBeforeAnchor", to let users choose whether to insert a forward slash before URLs that contain the '#' symbol when publishing documents.
  • Topic Navigation and Link Improvement (FSPRO2020-555): The "See Page" row in Topic see page has been removed for a cleaner presentation in local publications. Additionally, link functionality within these sections has been improved for more accurate and reliable navigation.
  • Portuguese Language Support (FSPRO2020-563): Added Portuguese as a new language option in the Add-In, expanding our multilingual capabilities. The Portuguese translation has been implemented using AI, in case of any translation errors or issues, please contact our support.


  • Subheader 'Continue Page' Error (FSPRO2020-427): Fixed an issue where the 'Continue page' feature caused errors when used on subheaders.
  • Document Open Error Handling (FSPRO2020-553): Resolved an 'Error Occurred in Document Open' message. The fix ignores styles without a name to prevent 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error.
  • Custom Table Header Requirement (FSPRO2020-550): Corrected a problem with custom tables without headers, which previously required headers by default.
  • Image Resizing and Scrolling Bug (FSPRO2020-551): Resolved an issue where resizing an image caused the bounding rectangle to exceed the actual document size, leading to excessive scrolling. A condition is now in place to ignore unreasonably large bounding rectangles.
  • Custom Table Border Persistence (FSPRO2020-556): Resolved an issue affecting custom tables. Tables created without borders will now consistently appear without borders when reopened, irrespective of default Style Manager settings. This fix ensures that the border style choices made during table creation are retained.
  • Bullet and Numbered List Style Indenting Consistency (FSPRO2020-557)
  • Moving Blocks with Graphics Test Issue (FSPRO2020-565): Fixed a testing issue similar to FSPRO2020-551, specifically concerning moving blocks with graphics within them.
  • Autosave Logic Improvement (FSPRO2020-568): Enhanced the logic for saving and autosaving documents to prevent slowdowns and the "Microsoft Not Responding" issue when autosave is enabled.
  • Mouse Scrolling Highlight Optimization (FSPRO2020-568): Addressed a performance issue where highlighting during mouse scrolling could lead to Microsoft Word becoming unresponsive.
  • Keyboard Navigation Efficiency (FSPRO2020-568): Improved the responsiveness of Word during navigation with Page Down, Page Up, and arrow keys to avoid performance lags.
  • Null Reference Exception Resolution (FSPRO2020-568): Fixed runtime exceptions (NullReference) to enhance application stability.
  • Input String Format Error Fix (FSPRO2020-569): Corrected an error related to "Input string was not in a correct format" when opening certain documents.
  • Block and Reusable Units Accessibility Post Check Out (FSPRO2020-570): Resolved an issue where Block and Reusable Units options remained greyed out after users checked out a document in SharePoint.
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