Installing the License Manager and deploying FS Pro

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This topic explains how to 

  • install the License Manager, and
  • deploy FS Pro.

Installing the License Manager

Proceed as follows to install the FS Pro License Manager:




Download the License Manager source files.

Reference: see Where do I download the License Manager?


Install the required Windows Server Roles and Features:

  1. Download Server Config.
  2. Open Windows PowerShell.
  3. Navigate to the server config file downloaded.
  4. Run install-WindowsFeature –configurationfilepath .\DeploymentConfigTemplate.xml 

Result: all prerequisites for the License Manager are installed.

or alternatively follow the steps in the guide: Manually Adding Windows Server Roles and Features 



Update the predefined settings in the web.config file. 

Reference: see Configuring the License Manager


Create a new folder C:\temp, and make it writable.

This directory will be used to store

  • the license file you will receive from Information Mapping, and
  • the Movements.xml and Repository.xml files that will be created when starting the website.


  • Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\
  • Create the directory LicenseManager so you have C:\inetpub\wwwroot\LicenseManager\, and copy the files downloaded in step 1.


  • Open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. 
  • Create an Application pool for the License Manager:
    • Name: e.g. FSPro-LicenseServer
    • Select .NET CLR version v4.0.x
  • Click OK.


  • In the IIS Manager, right-click on Sites and choose Add Web Site...
    • Site name: e.g. LicenseServer
    • Click Select... and add the application pool created in step 6.
    • Physical Path: navigate to C:\intepub\wwwroot\LicenseManager\
  • Click OK to start the server.


Start up the website and open Authentication:

  • Enable Anonymous Authentication
  • Enable Windows Authentication
  • Enable ASP.NET Impersonation


Return to the previous view.

  • In the action plane make sure the website is marked as started, and
  • Click Browse to go to localhost

Result: The default web browser starts and navigates to http://localhost:80/


Navigate to http://localhost:80/Admin

Result: You will be prompted to enter Windows login credentials.


Send your system key to to request your company's license file.

Reference: see Knowledge Base article Determining the system key


Add the license file you received from Information Mapping to the C:\temp folder.

Open IIS then stop and restart the website to ensure all settings have taken place.

Result: You will see the number of licenses your company is entitled to and the expiry date for the licenses.

Deploying FS Pro

Now, in this second part, it is crucial to configure the FS Pro for Word Add-In to recognize the on-premises license server. To achieve this, please follow the steps outlined below for deploying FS Pro


Proceed as follows:




Install FS Pro.


Create a new text file, and add the License Manager's URL in it.

e.g. or http://IPofTheLicenServer:80/


Save the file as LicenseServer.txt


Include the file LicenseServer.txt in your FS PRO installation script. It has to be placed in: 

For FS Pro 2013

C:\Program Files (x86)\Information Mapping\FS Pro 5.0\Data

For FS Pro 2020 / FS Pro for Word

C:\Program Files (x86)\Information Mapping\FS Pro 6\Data


Alternatively, if you are already in the process of deploying custom settings, you can follow the steps below: 





Install FS Pro.


Edit the C:\Program Files (x86)\Information Mapping\FS Pro 6\Data\SystemSettings.dat file and add:

to create a SystemSettings.dat file follow this guide


Save the SystemSettings.dat


Note that it is not necessary to perform both actions. Either adding the server LicenseServer.txt file or adding/editing the SystemSettings.dat file will suffice.

If you have any further inquiries or need clarification, please consult the documentation provided. Our support team is also available to assist you if needed.


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