Release Notes FS Pro for Word Version 6.2.1

6.2.1 (April 30, 2020)

  • Simplified Template Manager window.
  • The Information Units "Section", "Chapter" and "Part" are directly visible in the ribbon and can be created using only the title or using the title and "Overview Map".
  • It's easier to save and retrieve Reusable Units
    • Simplified window with only the saving and retrieving options "FS Pro ribbon" and "Browse".
    • You no longer need to define which information unit you want to save or retrieve. Just put your cursor in the content unit you want to save and click 'Reusable Units'.
    • Possibility to insert multiple Information Units from the same type simultaneously from the FS Pro ribbon, in the order that you want.
  • Clear overview of what you can insert
    • Picture,
    • Table, or
    • Table of Contents.
  • All table options are clearly grouped under the 'Table' feature.
  • Custom tables are visible in the ribbon and can therefore be inserted quickly .
  • Simplified Table Manager window with ease of creating and saving custom tables.
  • More intuitive Style Manager
    • Simplified windows to change the different styles.
    • Easily change the formatting of bullets, numbers and the block line.
    • Simultaneously change text, shading and borders of a table.
  • Hands-on video tutorials, based on the new ribbon.
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