Release Notes FS Pro for Word Version 7.0.1

7.0.1 (December 21, 2021)

  • New graphical look and feel (FSPRO2020-428)
  • Fix: FSPRO2020-436: On-Prem License Server
    Advised to also update the License server to 1.5 if your company is using one. Last version can be downloaded here:
  • Fix: FSPRO2020-422: Change License expired message
  • Fix: FSPRO2020-417: Insert row in table - changes first column contents
  • Fix: FSPRO2020-416: Bulleted List - Error in Outline Page
  • Fix: FSPRO2020-414: Page Break Before for headers
  • Fix: FSPRO2020-413: insert image/video outside the blocks
  • Fix: FSPRO2020-412: Clear temp folders
  • Fix: FSPRO2020-410: share custom items 'reusable sections, chapters and parts'
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