Release Notes FS Pro for Word Version 6.2.3


  • Simplified Template Manager window.
  • The Information Units "Section", "Chapter" and "Part" are directly visible in the ribbon and can be created using only the title or using the title and "Overview Map".
  • It's easier to save and retrieve Reusable Units
    • Simplified window with only the saving and retrieving options "FS Pro ribbon" and "Browse".
    • You no longer need to define which information unit you want to save or retrieve. Just put your
    • cursor in the content unit you want to save and click 'Reusable Units'.
    • Possibility to insert multiple Information Units from the same type simultaneously from the FS Pro ribbon, in the order that you want.
  • Clear overview of what you can insert
    • Picture,
    • Table, or
    • Table of Contents.
  • All table options are clearly grouped under the 'Table' feature.
  • Custom tables are visible in the ribbon and can therefore be inserted quickly .
  • Simplified Table Manager window with ease of creating and saving custom tables.
  • More intuitive Style Manager
    • Simplified windows to change the different styles.
    • Easily change the formatting of bullets, numbers and the block line.
    • Simultaneously change text, shading and borders of a table.
  • Hands-on video tutorials, based on the new ribbon.
  • Improvements on style freeze
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