Release Notes FS Pro for Word Version

7.0.2 build 013 (May 25, 2022)


What's new in FS Pro for Word


  • Formatting a picture after continuing a page is now possible. When a picture was moved to another page by using a Continue Page, you were not able to format the picture until you saved and reopened the document.
  • Continue Page changes style is solved. When using a Continue Page in a table, it could change the Microsoft style for the remainder of the Block. This could give errors in the Outline pane (since it isn't block text anymore).
  • Collapse options now always work in the Outline Pane for all users. 
  • When you publish to the cloud or locally, you can now use a dot in the file name.
  • Deleting temporary files in the xml-folder was sometimes causing errors in the log files when a file was set to read-only. This is fixed.


  • When adding an image, the ratio will be locked by default.


  • You can switch between Block, Map, Section, Chapter & Part without using the 'Show all' option in the collapse menu of the Outline Pane.
  • Speed has improved when the Outline Pane is disabled (do not forget to enable it afterwards!)
  • Outline Pane usability: Moving items up and down in the Outline Pane now shows a more consistent result. 
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