Release Notes FS Pro for Word Version

7.0.3 build 13 (December 12, 2022)


What's new in FS Pro for Word


  • Table Manager: Possibility to edit the name of a custom table. [FSPRO2020-461]
  • Table Manager: Possibility to create custom oversized tables [FSPRO2020-462]
  • Custom Fields: Possibility to insert multiple Custom Fields [FSPRO2020-467]
  • Publish Locally: New local search feature for FS Pro for Word Business licenses [FSPRO2020-468]
  • Speed improvements to MS Word when working in a regular MS Word document [FSPRO2020-470]
  • Default usage of TLS 1.2 for connections [FSPRO2020-471]
  • Possibility to select another type of numbering for Part, Chapter, Section, Map and Block and continue the numbering of subparts [FSPRO2020-474]


  • Style Manager: We made changes on how Styles are applied. [FSPRO2020-466]:
    • When creating a new table, the active Style Set will now apply border colors.
    • If a border is set as transparent in the Style Set, this will be applied to the document.
    • The Style Set will restore all changed font colors to the Style you defined.
  • Fixed an issue that some images had when you publish locally or to the cloud [FSPRO2020-465]
  • Fixed an issue when you continue a page from a subheader [FSPRO2020-427]
  • You can now add or remove bullets/numbered lists when selecting a word [FSPRO2020-438]
  • Fix in the Style Manager that caused duplicate Style Sets when renaming them [FSPRO2020-439]
  • Fix for the format change that happened with Bullets and Numbered list when removing the continue page. [FSPRO2020-440]
  • GUI Fix in the Edit Custom File window [FSPRO2020-445]
  • Fixed the ability to edit picture ratios after blocks were moved from the Outline Pane [FSPRO2020-447]
  • Fix: Text will no longer move into a table when applying Continued Page [FSPRO2020-451]
  • Style Manager, default style. Fixes where added to the default style that makes the height between the top block line and block line equal to the other blocks in the document after continuing a page. [FSPRO2020-469]
  • Default usage of TLS 1.2 for connections, which cause issues for some users when working with SharePoint [FSPRO2020-471]
  • Fixed the hidden block line issue that some documents had when printing or creating a PDF file [FSPRO2020-434]
  • Local Publish: When you locally publish with the "IMI Website Grid" XSL Sheet, table subheaders will also be added in the html file [FSPRO2020-479]
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