How the administrator needs to install or update to the latest FS Pro 2020 version


If you are not the administrator of your pc, you need to ask the administrator to manually update the FS Pro 2020 software, based on a MSI installation file.

IMPORTANT: the old version must first be uninstalled before installing the latest version!


ICT administrators

Updating FS Pro 2020

For updating FS Pro 2020, do as follows:




Remove the current version of FS Pro 2020 using Geek Uninstaller (recommended).

Locate the FS Pro 2020 entry, right click on it and select "Force Removal" from the menu.


Note: If you don't want to install the Geek software, you can use any uninstall software tool on your PC. I.e.: the default Windows Software installation (Control Panel >> Apps and Features) 


If the following folder exists, go to the folder: C:\Program Files(x86)\Information Mapping:


  • Check in the "FS Pro 6\Data" folder:
    • if there is a file SystemSettings.dat, you must back it up. Move the file to the desktop.
    • If there is no SystemSettings.dat file, you can ignore this
  • Remove the folder "FS Pro 6"
  • Go to the folder: C:\Users\[fill_in_windows_user_name]\AppData\Local\Information Mapping
  • fill_in_windows_user_name is th used account name on your local Windows system
  • Rename the folder "FS Pro 6" to "FS Pro 6 - old"
  • Confirm any security confirmations you will get
4 Download and install FS Pro 2020 MSI

Put the Systemsettings.dat file back under C:\Program Files(x86)\Information Mapping\FS Pro 6\Data (see Step 2)


Note: You can ignore this step if there was no SystemSettings.dat file


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